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Next Generation tools build or update any time with Web site that can help you rises above the competition.

IntCIS Web Site Builder helps you create polished, professional-looking Web sites in record time. Click below for frequently asked questions, documentation and other helpful tools to get the answers you need.

IntCIS Web site Builder
Attract new customers and differentiate your product and service offerings. Thousands of custom site designs to choose. Simple drag-and-drop interface. Add an online store, Facebook integration, search, site analytics, and more!

Instantly creates a ready-to-publish site for your business!

Easy publishing to web, Facebook, and mobile
  • One click and your website is live
  • Create a copy of your site in Facebook
  • Your site is optimized for mobile devices, automatically adapting to the device and browser
  • Create versions for a future launch date
  • Revert back to previous versions

Detailed traffic stats and analytics
Calculated in real-time so you can keep a close eye on your data and traffic patterns

  • People have visited
  • Which pages did they visit?
  • What search terms did they use?
  • What's the status of my orders?

Add Google Analytics for even deeper insights into your website statistics.
Start with our basic plan, and then add more resources as you need them.
IntCIS Do It Yourself
Development Assistant
IntCIS Care
IntCIS Do It Yourself
Easy to create professional-looking Web sites in record time. All in One Package

  • Choose from thousands of
    custom site designs.
  • Easy publishing to web, Facebook
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Online store and mobile
  • Social media Integration
  • Site Analytics
  • Scalable Space and bandwidth
  • Multi Year discounts available


Monthly Price

Yearly Price


($6.99 /mo)

Multiyear discount


You Save


$5.99 /mo

Development assistance available to access web design experts.

IntCIS Care web maintenance package for web update assistance anytime.
Development Assistant
IntCIS Care provides professional website design, development and maintence services.

  • Direct access to Website Experts
  • User Friendly interface
  • Consistent overall Layout
  • High level of transparency
  • Security, flexibility and scalability

$30 One time
Unlimited iteration first 30 days

IntCIS Care
IntCIS Care protection plan comes with professional update. Includes the following

  • Website Content Update
  • Additional Webpage Development
  • Image Changes/Additions
  • Social media (Facebook, twitter) integration
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Browser Compatibility Correction
  • Debugging
  • CMS Troubleshooting
  • Promotional Updates
  • Banner Design
  • Pop-up Creation
  • Flash Changes/Updates
  • Integration of Open Source

$15 /mo
Average 2 hours /mo updates

IntCIS Do It Yourself
  • IntCIS provides professional website design, development and maintence services. Our skilled web designers and developers accomplish and helped customers around the world successfully implement a wide variety of application includes web, social and mobile space. Projects includes front-end and back-end development based on the latest technology and your business needs.

    • Direct access to Website Experts.
    • Scalable dedicated development Team
    • Consistent overall Layout
    • Consistent identity and computability
    • User Friendly interface
    • Open application architecture
    • Information architecture
    • Customer oriented service
    • Agile development approach
    • Development
    • deployment
    • integration
    • Quality Assurance
  • Buy the IntCIS Care protection plan comes with professional update. Every Package comes with technical support. IntCIS package designs the website, hardware, software and many applications, the Website package is a truly integrated system. Includes the following

    • Website Content Update
    • Additional Webpage Development
    • Image Changes/Additions
    • Social media (Facebook, twitter ) integration
    • Technical Troubleshooting
    • Browser Compatibility Correction
    • Debugging
    • CMS Troubleshooting
    • Promotional Updates
    • Banner Design
    • Pop-up Creation
    • Flash Changes/Updates
    • Integration of Open Source
What is the difference between Website Topics and Website Design Templates?
A Website Topic is a collection of texts, graphics and a navigation structure related to a specific type of business, organization or other interest. A Website Template contains all of the information related to how your website looks – the color scheme, the number and width of columns, the placement of modules, etc. When you select a Website Topic to start a new site, the content and your business contact information is injected into a Website Design Template that has been randomly generated. Once you are in the Editor, you can stay with the website design generated for you, or choose from any of the 16 other variations as your starting point. You can then modify either the content or the layout and design according to your needs, and then publish it as your website.

Are Website Topics localized?
Yes, IntCIS Web Site Builder is fully localized into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional & Sinmplified) and Dutch In addition, all of the 100+ included SMB website topics that are pre-populated with graphics, text and navigation, are also localized into these languages.

Supported Web Browsers:
Parallels Presence Builder Standalone supports the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10.
  • Mozilla Firefox 19 and later.
  • Safari 6 for Mac.
  • Google Chrome 25 and later.

  • Select a design from a huge collection.

  • Start with ready-to-use design template with images and text.
  • Add your own images or pick from free library of images.

  • Easily update your logo or just put your business name.

  • Customize text, colors, images, fonts, and links
  • Publish your site with effortlessly (we host it for you).

  • Update your site anytime and from anywhere.

  • Have your own preferred domain name and email address.
Displays Google Map and controls on you website. It automatically pulls from the business information you input when you first create your website, but can be changed to any location.

Social sharing
Places a ShareThisbar on a website, enabling visitors to share information from the site on hundreds of social media, includingFacebook,Twitter, andLinkedIn.

Site Logo
Allows a SMB to upload an image or Flash file and format how it is displayed – including alignment and image sizing

Online store
Connects SMBs to the Ecwid e-commerce service, enabling them to sell goods online and manage a storefront. This module comes with a complimentary two-month subscription to a premium Ecwid plan.

Adds a site-wide block for displaying ads from services like Google AdSense.

Text and Images
Lets you easily add text, images, tables, hyperlinks and Flash files to a website and format them however you wish. A separate module, Site-wide Text & Images, has the same functionality but lets you, in a single step, display the selected text and images on every page of your site.

Image gallery
Displays a gallery of images from Google Picasa and lets SMBs change its name and description. SMBs can also display images from your own hosting account.

Site Navigation
Inserts a site-wide navigation menu and lets you choose how you want normal, hovered, and active (current) links to appear.

Adds a site-wide search field that visitors can use to look for something on your site. Google Search is the default, but a different service can be used by inserting its embedding code.

Lets you insert your own JavaScript, VBScript or PHP code.

Document Manager
Allows users to upload their documents on the website and later link to them from any website page using standard Link functionality of the Text & Images module.

Lets you easily add a blog to a website and publish and edit blog posts.

Adds a site-wide breadcrumbs navigation bar, with a chain of links showing the visitor’s path to the current page.

Adds a site-wide header to a website. The banner can include an image as well as the website title, subtitle, logo and Flash files.

Commenting integrates Disqus- the world’s favorite commenting platform - allowing visitors to leave comments on any pages that have this module, and helping drive customer engagement and web traffic. SMBs have the ability to moderate comments, and registration for Disqus is free.

Easy-to-Use Design Tools
Make edits right on your website and drag blocks of content around the screen with a powerful, intuitive editor. Easily customize site layouts, sidebars, colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, images the way you want.
Blogging and Commenting
Drag-and-drop the blog module onto your website, and become the next Internet sensation. Add Disqus –the world’s favorite discussion platform – and you can drive user engagement and website traffic, and keep your website fresh and changing.

Optimized for Mobile Devices
Don’t disappoint your mobile visitors! Websites published using IntCIS Web Site Builder automatically adapts for phone and tablet displays, so you look good!
Monitor Your Website Activity
Get an all-up view of your website activity in one convenient dashboard. Monitor discussions, Google Analytics web traffic reports, and ecommerce store purchases, and know what’s happening on your website.

Social Media Integrated
Add social sharing and enable your visitors to like, share and tweet your content on hundreds of social networking sites. Copy your website to Facebook with one click and keep your fans updated.

Sell All The Time!
Add a fully integrated e-commerce store and shopping bag on your website and you can sell, ship and get paid for your products and services, 24/7.
Industry Specific Website Templates
Start near the finish line with ready-to-use website templates pre-built with relevant text, graphics and site structures for over 100 types of businesses and organizations. Select. Edit. Publish. You can also design your own templates, and share them.

Display Ads for Cash
Advertising networks actually want to rent advertising space on your website and pay you for clicks. Paste their code snippet into the Advertisement module and watch your website light up.
Support for Scripting
Add your own HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Flash or VBScript to customize your website. Copy code from any web service, into the code module and enjoy the possibilities.

Come on Over!
Help your customers find you with familiar and easy to use Google Maps with location and directions.
Any Language You Like
Are your customers multilingual? We have you covered with templates in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese, or Chinese (Traditional & Simplified).

Keep In Contact
Easily add a customizable contact form to your website to capture contact information, questions and comments. Receive requests by email so you can rapidly respond.