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Custom Build Website Cpack100 Package
IntCIS website solution package collection of features and built-in apps make website even more powerful, innovative, and fun to use.
Manage spectrum of events both planned and unplanned
Intelligent content management website package solution help business of all size use and make intelligent decisions based on information.

Delivering Solutions That Work
  • Flexible Scripting Support
  • Compliant with Standards
  • Personalize your own work experience
  • Compatible with your IT and Business
  • Package comes with everything you need.

The Scalable Website Solution
  • Bandwidth, Space and Auto Renewals
  • Real-time Protection
  • Multiple deployment options
  • intuitive web based interface
  • Social Media Integration
  • Flexible and Transparent Pricing
  • You deserve the best value for your budget
  • Providing the best customer support possible

Benefits of deploying smarter website solutions from Cimzon
Gain the most business flexibility and long term viability.
Benefits Value Proposition
Financial Benefits
Lower upfront Costs There is no need to purchase or upgrade hardware and software resources.
Managed Website Solution Pay no additional costs for website upgrades because they are done behind the scenes and IT infrastructure is managed for you.
Pay as you go option Pay only for use Web Maintence Services that you use when you use them.
Smart Website Architecture Scalable website at your pace so you have the time to plan and budget when to add application and other capabilities or services.
Flexibility Scalable High grade and High quality
Benefits for members
Enable improve quality service
  • Use information for better decision-making.
  • Anticipate tasks to resolve them proactively improve coordination of resources to operate more effectively.
Offer service Online
  • Enable members to access information online
  • Web services on the internet from multiple devices for example, computers, tablets, smart phones and more.
Improve traffic management
  • Help leaders, managers visualize and analyze traffic conditions.
  • Easily and manageable trends or add on-demand applications.
Optimized Better manage website with load balancers highly available sites, Reducing costs, decreeing downtime and improving overall efficiency
Operational Benefits
Enterprise level security and reliability Experience affordable enterprise-level reliability and security capabilities in a cloud model.
Quick startup IntCIS Package as a System, software, domain and applications ready to be configured and customized as needed, reduced weeks of deployment cycle time compared to a traditional deployment model.
24/7 support Receive continuous IntCIS Web support provide with assurance of enterprise-level backup, disaster recovery and managed availability
Anywhere/Anytime access Get access when you need it with services availability from a web browser.
Fast provisioning Web process Managed and provision applications rapidly
Agile Development Agile development practices include frequent releases, ongoing testing, customer and stakeholder participation throughout the development process, co-ownership of code and pair-programming.